MDS Weekend

This past week was Digital Scrapbooking Days and Stampin Up! was providing a week of inspiration through digital download deals, which of course inspired me! Lately life has been pretty busy and my time for scrapping and crafting with MDS has been sparse. The focus from Stampin Up! helped to inspire me to work harder to find some time to do some digital crafting and this weekend I finally found that time!

One project that I wanted to show today is chore cards for my 7 year old. I’ve been designing these in my mind for some time and we’ve been trying to figure out the best strategy for our daughter and us. I was excited to use the chore card digital download to create some cute and inspiring cards and even an envelope (using the envelope punch board) to put completed cards in. Our plan is that once she completes a card she puts them in the envelope on her bulletin board and then redeems them for either cash, Barnes & noble money, or target money. She was pretty excited and so are we. These cards also make it more her responsibility which of course make mom and dad happy!



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